Volume 3 of The Venetian Ciphers of Agostino Amadi

The third volume of The Venetian Ciphers of Agostino Amadi.

The text is the result of the translated Italian text on poly-steganography.

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This third volume is based on the transcription of Amadi’s third volume, translated into English.

The basis of this volume, titled poly-steganography, is formed by multiple examples (πολυ) of hiding written content (γραφω) inside other cover text (στεγω). The volumes of Trithemius are discussed but also many other cipher subjects and examples are shown. In a nutshell we present the following subjects:

steganography, geometric forms and the vowels, wheel with alphabet, transposition table, alphabetical biblical references.

Thirty wheels with letters of the alphabet and Italian terms from areas such as: teologia, philosophia, medicina, scienze, divinatione, poesia, rethorica, dialectica, gramatica, methodica, historica, ritmica, aritmetica, musica, astronomia, geometria, geodosia, geomoria, mecanica, morali,  agricultura venacio coquinaria, theatrica, arti manuali, architetura, pictura, and more.

Several pages with the presentation of alphabetical ancient scripts, such as: Hebrew letters and numbers, Solomon, cabbalists, Chaldeans, Greek Chaldee, Assyrian, Phoenician, Indian, Aegyptian, Babylonian, Gerogliphices, Samaritan, Arabic, Saracene, Armenian, Jacobitism, Cofite, Gotic, Diabolic, Vandals, Schiavone, Illiriche, Aetiopice, Arabic, German, French, Spanish, Etruscian, Ethopian  and more.

Arrangement of numbers, and from there the letters, according to: Pythagoras, Adrastus and Chalcidius, Porphyry and Proclus, Plato.

Cipher examples such as the walking cipher with 2 keys, hiding cipher in d’amore, grille preparation & cipher Glorioso, hiding walking cipher in text using transposition (superenciphered).

Discussion of other ways to communicate ciphers, such as by a watch, crown, polychoral music, tapping, signalling, Neapolitan cord, knots, multiple messages.

Ciphers using knowledge of Pythagoras, the number 10, peripatetici, nine alphabets, the wheels and the alphabetical arrangements using babuini.

Ciphers using 16 letters and magic square, magic wheel, vowel cipher, vowel strip, Thascius Cyprianus, transposition alphabet with key, hiding text in psalms, letter lists or nomenclators, playing card cipher.

Example of grilles, and grille cipher.

There are +/- 129 pages:


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